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COD is available in Turkey and GCC countries except Qatar

Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331290
Ingredients For 2 capsules: Red ginseng root (1320 mg), vegetable capsule (carrier- hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), red ginseng root extract (140mg).  Use: Daily intake: 2 capsules: For 11 years and over: 1 capsule twice daily.  Warnings:  Do not exceed the recommended intake da..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331289
Ingredients For 2 capsules: Vegetable capsules (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose), black fructus myrobalan fruit (230mg), Peganum seed(150mg), Senna leaf (140mg), elderflower (140mg), black cumin seed (140mg), shepherd's purse herb (104mg), Yarrow herb (100mg), bee pollen (70mg), horse chestnut s..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331288
BYNMIX Capsules product is a herbal remedy for menstrual period symptoms, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), anti-spasmodic, sedative, hemostatic and to decrease gastric secretions. Ingredients For 3 capsules: Vegetable capsules( hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose), black cohosh extract (300mg), Yarrow flow..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331287
Propolis is a brownish resinous mixture with a wax thickness collected by honeybees from tree buds and sap flows. Propolis known as strong antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects. If used regularly, propolis, natural antibiotics, have positive effects on immune system in regular use accor..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331286
Control Diabetes: CETAVIN Capsule helps regulate blood sugar level with its alpha lipoic acid content. Specifically, useful to prevent nerve injury of diabetic patients and prevent cholesterol to form plaque in blood vessels.  With the biotin vitamin content may support the increase of gluco..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331285
Life Formula UPR is an elixir of life, the great combination of several compounds all contributes to the support the immune system and strengthen the body against diseases and factors of destruction of tissues and cells and protect them from damage resulting from age and various factors  Reish..
Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331284
Shark cartilage capsules contain 100% pure shark cartilage. The shark cartilage capsule provides natural protection for bone and cartilage and is used in cases of osteoporosis and cartilage erosion. Roughness and arthritis, these capsules contain 780 mg of natural Turkish shark cartilage.  Why..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331283
The best herbal remedy for the worst headache imaginable “ Migraine ”. Product acts against migraine on 2 levels: reduces the frequency of migraine attacks and symptoms. In addition, it works as a tranquilizer, improve anxiety and stress. Regular use of this product especially with lin..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331282
Ingredients For 3 capsules: Blueberry Leaf Powder 540 mg, Aztec Marigold extract 270 mg, Eyebright Extract 270 mg, Spanich powder 135 mg, Rosemary Leaf Powder 135 mg, L-cysteine 135 mg, L-ascorbic acid “ Vitamin C” 75 mg, Zinc sulphate Heptahydrate 15 mg, DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate &ld..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331281
Eggshell, zinc, manganese, and copper are the compounds involved in the metabolic process of the eggshell. According to the results of four scientific studies and researches carried out the USA and Germany, it has been established that the proteins in the eggshell membrane reduce the joint pa..
Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331280
RLX Herbal sedative Capsule is a strong supplement against stress, anxiety and nervous tension. With the special herbal formulation in its content, this supplement may play a role of tranquilizer, nerve soothing and muscle tension relaxing. May be used as a natural supplement in states of nerve wea..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331279
Bitter Melon & Propolis Capsules may the following benefits:  Helps reduce blood sugar, have cancer-fighting properties, decreases cholesterol levels, aid for weight loss, immune system booster. Ingredients For 4 capsules: Bitter Melon fruit 884 mg, Lemon Balm Leaf 232 mg, Licorice roo..
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