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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331345
100% Natural, Pure product, no chemicals, no additives, extracted from Oreganum Vulgare. Thyme oil, Oregano essential oil was extracted from the wild plant of the Turkish mountains.  Aroma: Hot, spicy-herbaceous Botanical name: ..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331039
The great properties of Rose Essential Oil can be of great interest for those who care about their looks. It makes the scars and after marks of boils, acne and pox on the skin fade quickly. This includes the fading of stretch marks, surgery scars, and fat cracks associated with pregnancy and de..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331258
Extra Epimedium pills cover wide range of sexual problems including erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire, premature ejaculation: Epimedium: For obvious reasons, the Epimedium was named the “Horny Goat Weed”, as it stimulates the erectile function of men and increases blood f..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331282
Ingredients For 3 capsules: Blueberry Leaf Powder 540 mg, Aztec Marigold extract 270 mg, Eyebright Extract 270 mg, Spanich powder 135 mg, Rosemary Leaf Powder 135 mg, L-cysteine 135 mg, L-ascorbic acid “ Vitamin C” 75 mg, Zinc sulphate Heptahydrate 15 mg, DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate &ld..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331267
Fennel tea benefits: First herb to increase milk production during breast feeding. Treats Gastrointestinal Issues And Improves Digestion Fennel is known to relax the muscles and stimulate the flow of bile, which eventually reduces pain – this can eventually improve digestion. Fennel is one ..
Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331252
Ingredients: Senna Leaf, Heather, Fennel, Nettle Leaf, Birch, Juniper Fruit, Rose Hip. Yarrow, Buckthorn Berry Fruit. Usage: Remove the sachet from its bag. Dip one sachet into a cup and pour in just boiled water. Leave to infuse 3-5 minutes. Drink cold or hot. Warnings: Consult your Doc..
Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331288
BYNMIX Capsules product is a herbal remedy for menstrual period symptoms, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), anti-spasmodic, sedative, hemostatic and to decrease gastric secretions. Ingredients For 3 capsules: Vegetable capsules( hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose), black cohosh extract (300mg), Yarrow flow..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331261
Since Green Tea is not fermented, it embodies 2.5 times more antioxidants than black tea. Green tea might help for weight loss, subject to increasing the metabolic rate. Burning fats into energy. Green tea is ideal for protection against cancer, and for those who wish to be in fine fettle, fight aga..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331285
Life Formula UPR is an elixir of life, the great combination of several compounds all contributes to the support the immune system and strengthen the body against diseases and factors of destruction of tissues and cells and protect them from damage resulting from age and various factors  Reish..
Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331266
Linden is an unknown treasure used in Anatolia since ancient times because of its enormous benefits.  Linden is a tree from linden family, its height might reach up to 20-30 meters. Its flowers are yellowish in color and it has a unique scent. Especially on cold winter days, warming to the mar..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331283
The best herbal remedy for the worst headache imaginable “ Migraine ”. Product acts against migraine on 2 levels: reduces the frequency of migraine attacks and symptoms. In addition, it works as a tranquilizer, improve anxiety and stress. Regular use of this product especially with lin..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331269
Melissa Tea Benefits Treating Insomnia Drinking Melissa Tea can have a calming effect and help to induce sleep. Many studies have investigated lemon balm’s use in treating insomnia and anxiety. Easing Indigestion You can also drink Melissa Tea to ease indigestion. Melissa Balm Tea has been..
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