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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331349
Internal use: sexual stimulant, prostate health, diuretic, liver friend, intestinal problems. External use: Fights hair fall, removes dandruff, fights gray hair and regulates scalp sebaceous glands. Nettle oil mixed with soap can help clear up skin redness and irritation. It also helps moisturize ..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331354
Ingredients: 100% pure Parsley Seed Oil.   Botanical name: Petroselinum crispum Extraction method: Cold Press How to Use: Apply oil directly to skin or hair  or 3-4 drops drin..
Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331347
100% Natural, Pure product, no chemicals, no additives, extracted from Turkish Pomegranate. Pure and natural Oil, extracted from seeds of Turkish Pomegranate seeds using cold pressed method which protect all its ingredients.   Botanical name: Punica grana..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331353
BEST PREMIUM QUALITY - 100% Pure Certified Rosehip Oil. Cold pressed, no chemicals added. GREAT CARRIER/BASE OIL - Use in Aromatherapy, Massage, DIY Skincare, Body Oils, Blends, Spa Care. BODY, HAIR, & FACE TREATMENT - This pure oil provides the skin with a rich source of antioxidants and esse..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331281
Eggshell, zinc, manganese, and copper are the compounds involved in the metabolic process of the eggshell. According to the results of four scientific studies and researches carried out the USA and Germany, it has been established that the proteins in the eggshell membrane reduce the joint pa..
Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331350
Eucalyptus oil is known as a purifying, cleansing, clarifying, and immune-boosting oil which is ideal for use on skin and in aromatherapy.  It is known also for its ability to reduce or eliminate harmful surface and airborne bacteria, and infections upon contact. It facilitates easy breathing,..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331346
Lavender Essential Oil was extracted from fresh flowering tops of Turkish mountains and forests     Aroma: Relaxing floral aroma. Botanic Name Lavandula Intermedia Extraction method:  ..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331342
100% Natural, extracted from Myrtle leaves. Myrtle Essential Oil was extracted from Myrtle leaves of Turkish mountain forest. Aroma: Traditional Myrtle Aromas Botanical name: Myrtus Communis Extraction method: ..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331344
Peppermint essential oil was extracted from the fresh plant that live in Turkish green fields.  Aroma: Fresh Menthol. Botanical name: Mentha Piperita Extraction method: Steam distillation ..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331358
Tea Tree Oil hes been shown benefits for: Dry skin and eczema, Oily skin, Itchy skin, Inflammation, Infections, cuts, and wound-healing, Hair and scalp treatment, Acne, Psoriasis.  As it is an essential oil, it can show allergic effects such as redness and burning on the skin. Therefore, it is..
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