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Natural Foot Care Set

Natural Foot Care Set
  • 100% natural cannabis seed cream and product according to the Turkish standard of quality
  • Nail Care Oil
  • natural pumice stone
  • The set deals with problems of cracking the ankles
  • Cannabis cream fights roughness of the skin of the feet
  • Hemp cream to soften and soften the skin
  • Natural nail oil supplies nails with essential vitamins
  • Nail oil treatment of most nail problems and erosion
  • Pumice stone saves the skin from the dead cells that uttered
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  • Brand: Mecitefendi
  • Weight: 0.15g
  • Dimensions: 8.20cm x 5.20cm x 15.20cm
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  • UPC: 681062804823

The unique foot care set, 100% natural products from the Turkish company Majid Effendi.

Do not suffer after the day with the feet with cracked heels, and you will certainly put the roughness of the feet, and the erosion of nails and break it.

The set contains: 100% natural cannabis extract cream and the product according to the Turkish standard of quality.

The cannabis seed cream softens the cracked heels, reconstructs the skin, and regenerates damaged cells that cause discoloration of the feet.

It also stimulates skin cells and supports them to be soft, soft and permanently moist.

The second product in the group is the nail care oil, which at one point occupied the first place in the most sought after products at the Majid Effendi store.

The nail care oil nourishes the nails from the roots, and is characterized by the richness of vitamin E, the most preferred vitamin for healthy nails.

Whatever your nails are weak, tinged, jagged and jagged, you can get satisfactory results after regular use of the nail care oil provided by the Turkish company Majid Effendi for 2-3 months.

It is accompanied by the cream of cannabis seeds for foot care, and the nail oil, the pumice stone, is a well-thought-out stone that preserves the skin smoothly and saves it from dead cell residues that are uttered by the skin all the time.

What is Paraben?

Parabens are very powerful protective substances added to cosmetics "cream, lotion, shampoo .." to extend the shelf-life of the products and prevent the growth of bacteria inside.

Why we should use Paraben-free products?

Since Parabens exhibit similar behavior to estrogen in the body, the risk of developing breast cancer in women has increased due to the frequent use of Paraben products.

In order to avoid these risks, Turkish Attar is keen to provide natural Paraben-free products with quality certificates registered by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

How To Use?

Apply two feet with natural cannabis seed cream twice a day (the appropriate amount is applied to the skin and rub in a variety and circular manner without the use of nails)

Nail the nail care oil twice a day and you will get remarkable results after 2-3 months of continuous use (the period needed for nails to compensate for lack of vitamins)

Pumice stone is used as usual (it must be kept clean)


About Product:
  • Product 100% natural
    The product is free from any industrial materials or preservatives
    Keep in a cool, dry place
    Keep out of the reach of children
    Keep away from sunlight
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