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Turkish Beauty

Brand: Tala Model: 963311350
Tala Turkish Ant Egg Oil Spray, Permanent Hair Growth Inhibitor 150ml Ant Egg Oil Benefits for Hair Tala Ant Egg Oil is a hair growth inhibitor, not a hair removal product. It is an absolute and permanent solution to unwanted hairs. Our products contain a very unique protein that destroys t..
Brand: Procsin Model: 963311310
Turkish Boom Cream for daily hair care: A product of seven natural organic oils for effective hair care that works in a strong and integrated way in cleaning and caring for hair and giving it the ability to restore its color and vitality that it has lost, especially damaged and brittle hair Be..
Brand: Pakface Model: 963311309
Turkish algae mask for skin care is one of the most important natural treatments since ancient times, due to its therapeutic and aesthetic properties. These are effective ingredients in treating skin problems, especially oily skin. Algae mask helps treat oily skin due to its ability to control th..
Brand: Müftüoğlu Model: 963311308
Daphne Turkish soap with virgin olive oil and laurel: Turkish natural bath soap is prepared from natural virgin olive oil and the legendary bay leaf that is produced from the trees of the southern coast of Turkey. Any animal oils, synthetic dyes and chemicals for coloring and hardening in the pro..
Brand: Müftüoğlu Model: 963311307
Daphne shampoo with olive oil and laurel fortified with vitamin B5 Turkish DAPHNE shampoo: The first natural shower shampoo, a product of pure olive oil and bay leaf oil, suitable for all hair types, working to solve hair problems, as it treats hair loss and gives it strength and appropriate nutr..
Brand: Procsin Model: 963311306
Turkish Boom shampoo for hair care: Daily hair care and cleaning shampoo A mixture of a group of natural organic oils for effective hair care, and thanks to the presence of seven of these effective natural oils, they work powerfully and integrated in cleaning and caring for hair and giving it the..
Brand: Procsin Model: 963311305
Procsin group (paste - oil - powder) the new formula for teeth whitening and oral care. Oral and dental care group with activated carbon This formula works in an integrated way with each other to get rid of the problems of tooth decay and yellowing as it works to provide protection on the on..
Brand: DORA KOZMETIK Model: 963311303
Peel-off mask with argan oil, this double combination of hydration and nutrition that is able to restore the vitality and youth of the skin and give it radiance and permanent softness without fear of the problem of dryness and cracking of the skin. Peeling face mask with Turkish argan oil cleans ..
Brand: DORA KOZMETIK Model: 963311302
Chocolate has an important role in maintaining and caring for the skin due to its high content of antioxidants, which works to give the facial skin an unparalleled purity and smoothness, thus becoming the first choice for beauty salons. Turkish chocolate mask works to nourish the skin and improve..
Brand: DORA KOZMETIK Model: 963311301
Mud mask with aloe vera aloe vera and peppermint oil menthol has an effective role in treating the problems that different skin types are exposed to as a result of the stress factors they are exposed to, thus causing damage and fatigue of the skin and the appearance of signs of aging such as wrinkle..
Brand: DORA KOZMETIK Model: 963311300
Clay mask with charcoal effectively moisturizes the skin and prevents it from drying out and cracking as a result of stress factors and the influence of sunlight, thus providing a protection factor from these harmful effects on skin health. The charcoal mask helps to clean the skin well, as it ge..
Brand: DORA KOZMETIK Model: 963311292
The clay mask with fruits contains vitamins and enzymes that resist the dryness of the skin and moisturize it and give it softness. It is recommended for daily use to get the best results. A clay mask with fresh fruits cleanses the facial skin, ridding it of impurities that it is exposed to in da..
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