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Brand: Mecitefendi Model: 96331056
Cocoa Butter Cream Benefits - Prevents Skin Dryness and Peeling Cocoa Butter Cream makes an excellent skin moisturizer, plus it does more than just hydrate the skin — it helps actually heal it from the inside out too. It’s a great source of natural antioxidants that are found in co..
Brand: Mecitefendi Model: 96331079
Natural Turkish Soap  By MecitEfendi   The product does not contain paraffin or any industrial products or preservatives, so you can use it as you like every day.   What is paraffin? paraffinis a very powerful protective substance added to cosmetics "cream, lotion,..
Brand: Mecitefendi Model: 96331055
Honey's often thought of as a healthier sweetener, but you might be surprised to learn that this ingredient has tons of skin and hair benefits, too. Made by the alchemy of bees collecting nectar, pollen, and resins from flowers, honey can help moisturize, fight aging, and fight bacteria. Plus, i..
Brand: Mecitefendi Model: 96331038
The unique foot care set, 100% natural products from the Turkish company Majid Effendi. Do not suffer after the day with the feet with cracked heels, and you will certainly put the roughness of the feet, and the erosion of nails and break it. The set contains: 100% natural cannabis extract cre..
Brand: Mecitefendi Model: 96331062
  Turkish Oil For Hair Care Turkish Oil For Hair Care strengthens hair roots and follicles, which makes hair growth healthier and stronger, and thus fights hair loss. Turkish Oil For Hair Care gives the hair a unique glow, and treats the damage caused by hair dye, which absorbs the vit..
Brand: Mecitefendi Model: 96331047
  Ocean Breeze Shower Gel, provided by the Turkish company "Majid Effendi", moisturizes the skin of the body, cleanses its pores of impurities and reduces its dryness with its essential oils and vitamins. "Ocean Breeze Gel has no side effects on the skin. It is a 100% ..
Brand: Mecitefendi Model: 96331043
Organic Argan Oil Care Set for Dry Skin:   Organic Argan Oil Anti-Aging Care Cream: With this combination of powerful herbal active ingredients and an opulent oil, your skin will feel refreshed with this special cream! Usage: As a moisturizing and skin care cream, we advise to use t..
Brand: Mecitefendi Model: 96331054
The main benefits of Argan Oil Hair Mask is that It contains many active substances, which are necessary not only for outer beauty, but also for the health of hair.  - If you have dandruff or dry scalp, use Argan Oil Hair Mask twice per week until dandruff is gone. Continue on with weekly tr..
Brand: Mecitefendi Model: 96331058
  Benefits Of Aloe Vera Soap By MecitEfendi Aloe Vera Soap is one of the best things you can do for your skin.  The aloe plant has long been revered as a medicine for various skin ailments ranging from dryness to burns.  It has even been suggested by many doctors as an ..
Special Offers, Anti-Cellulite Set, Anti-Cellulite Cream, Soap
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Brand: Mecitefendi Model: 96331059
Cellulite called also as LIPODYSTROPHY in medicine is a state in which the body looks fluffy like orange peel and receives a deformed look in pit regions as a result of the accumulation of fat on its certain areas.  Cellulite is a different case from fatness and OBESITY. There is only the incr..
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Brand: Mecitefendi Model: 96331052
Black Seed Shampoo Since it is anti-inflammatory, Black Seed Shampoo is great to soothe scalp conditions that cause inflammation, flakiness, and sensitivity. It also kills viruses and fungal infections, so those with lice can benefit.  As far as natural hair goes, Black Seed Shampoo may ..
Special Offers, Organic Argan Oil Mask and Garlic Shampoo Set
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Brand: Mecitefendi Model: 96331051
Because garlic contains both antiviral and antibacterial properties, garlic can be considered as effective remedies for skin infections. This is because the chemical ajoene present in garlic can help to cure fungal skin infections such as athlete’s food and ringworm effectively.   Tre..
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