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Turmeric (150 g)



Turmeric (150 g)
Turmeric (150 g)

Turmeric or (saffron) herb with unique medicinal ability and beauty.


Turmeric Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is called Curcuma longa. It is called the Indian saffron. It belongs to the Jungellian species and is spread in India and Indonesia. Turmeric is extracted from the plant's roots. It is softly crushed and turns yellowish. Turmeric contains oils. Aromatic and water-soluble dyes. There are several types of turmeric, and it has several names including: Alkrk, and Khirkim, and Zerban, and Baklati khataki, and Harard, and Indian saffron, and the colon of India, and Aroq pigment. Turmeric contains curcumin compounds: benzide, methoxy, curcumin, valedithexi and carmine, as well as volatile oils such as: alantone, zingperin, tirmiron, resins, proteins and sugars.


Benefits of drinking turmeric on the stomach:


Drinking turmeric solution with water helps reduce colic and expels wind.


Taking turmeric solution on the saliva helps regulate menstruation in women.


Turmeric contains Curcumin, a yellow color that has a greater effect than cortisone for the treatment of skin diseases, which is anti-oxidant and stronger than vitamin Y.


Turmeric helps reduce blood pressure.


Drinking turmeric helps in the treatment of stomach problems.


Contributes to the prevention of Alzheimer's disease.


Protects against cancer.


Turmeric is useful for people with obesity; it helps in increasing metabolism, and works on fat cracking and elimination.


Helps reduce excess hair growth.


Turmeric cleans the skin and gives it a soft touch by drinking it, and using it externally with olive oil.


Turmeric contributes to the elimination of menstrual disorders. J


He activated the liver by removing toxins from the liver and activating the enzymes that expel the carcinogens.


It works to strengthen the immune system in the body.


Regulates blood sugar, and protects against heart disease.


When taking turmeric in the morning on the stomach, it is effective for people with joint pain, especially the elderly.


Turmeric helps in the treatment of acne and dark circles, where it is antimicrobial and antiseptic, and by doing the mask of turmeric with lemon juice.


Note: To prepare the turmeric drink is done by putting a teaspoon of turmeric on the amount of water and drink on the saliva, or by eating it as a spice with food, in addition, the excessive intake of turmeric may harm, and is not allowed to take for pregnant women and lactating; Stimulates the uterus, and gallbladder patients should not approach it.




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Natural compound 100%

Store at room temperature, away from sunlight

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