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Turkish Honey, Ginseng, Bee's milk and pollen, Super Paste, 200 Gr



Turkish Honey, Ginseng, Bee's milk and pollen, Super Paste, 200 Gr
Turkish Honey, Ginseng, Bee's milk and pollen, Super Paste, 200 Gr
  • Improve Sexual Performance 
  • Treatment of type 2 diabetes
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Cardiovascular health
  • For hair growth
  • For weight loss
  • Skin Health
  • Brain health
  • Relieving stress, Energy booster
  • Natural product. Conforms the Turkish food codex.
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1. Treatment of type 2 diabetes

Ginseng Honey functions as an aphrodisiacs nourishing stimulant and can be used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and for the sexual dysfunction in men. The benefits of ginseng for diabetes are quite popular and are a hope for patients suffering from this disease.

2. Antioxidant properties

Many studies have shown that it reduces the risk of cancers like skin, breast, colon and esophageal. The researchers at the University of Marlyland Medical Center have the view that Ginseng Honey can help lower the risk of lung, stomach, liver and stomach cancers because it helps in stopping the tumor growth. 

An article was published in the September 2011 edition of “Food and Chemical Toxicology” which said that ginseng is beneficial against cancer due to antioxidants like glutathione in it.

3. Cardiovascular health

Ginseng Honey support the cardiovascular health 

Harvard Health publications state that the regular intake of Ginseng Honey prevents the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol and raises the high-density lipoprotein levels and reduces hypertension. 

4. Ginseng Honey for hair growth

The benefits of Ginseng Honey comes from a research done on this herb. A study done in Japan in Osaka stated that Ginsenoside Ro carbohydrate helps in fighting androgenetic alopecia which is commonly known as balding in men.

Girl with shiny hair on sunlit summer field:

Researchers stated in the conclusion that ginseng can be used as an alternative to many hair growth supplements present in the market .

5. Ginseng Honey for weight loss

Ginseng is quite beneficial for weight loss. It makes a person energetic and helps fight fatigue. 

Thus, it makes a person more active. 

The most important thing which facilitates weight loss is regulating blood sugar and ginseng does exactly that. 

It reduces the amount of carbohydrate that is converted into fat.

You should remember here that Ginseng Honey alone doesn’t help in weight loss if a person has poor health choices. 

A person should follow healthy diet choices along with Ginseng Honey. But you shouldn’t take your dieting plan to the extreme. You can develop anorexia and bulimia in serious cases. So you should focus on looking healthy and not on looking lean.

6. Sexual benefits of Ginseng Honey

Ginseng Honey is beneficial for the sexual dysfunction in men .

A study was done in Korea which evaluated the benefits of Ginseng Honey regarding erectile dysfunction and the results showed that 60% of the people who took Ginseng Honey were able to get an erection with ease. About 30% of the people felt an improvement in erection in the placebo group.

The above study shows that ginseng improves the firmness of erection and also the overall thickness of erection. About two third of the men in the study reported that they felt improvement in their erections and their sex levels after the intake of Ginseng Honey.

This is because of the production of nitric oxide in the body. These health benefits of ginseng are also for people who have type 2 diabetes and sexual issues.

7. Ginseng Honey for skin

Consuming Ginseng Honey is an effective way of refining and hydrating the skin effectively  

It increases the skin cell regeneration by increasing the oxygenation to skin cells. 

It also boosts the blood circulation and detoxifies the blood which is beneficial for skin health. 

It can also give the skin a better complexion and better look because it is free of toxins.

8. Brain health

Ginseng Honey  is a herbal beverage and helps in the proper functioning of the brain 

It improves the cognitive abilities and the power of concentration

It is high recommended for students to improve the functioning of brain cells. 

9. Relieving stress

Ginseng is an adaptogen. 

The herbs that belong to this class are more resilient to mental and environmental stress. 

They work by reducing the stress hormone cortisol which strengthens the adrenal glands.

10. Energy booster

Ginseng Honey also boosts a person’s energy levels. It has been used for quite some time to increase strength and endurance 

It’s quite beneficial for healthy people to increase their physical performance and for those fighting fatigue related health issues. 

Ginseng Honey  has also shown to reduce fatigue and increase energy in cancer patients 



  • Turkish Ginseng Honey

For general strengthening: by adding a teaspoon of honey ginseng, to a glass of water, or warm milk.

To improve sexual performance: by eating two tablespoons of honey ginseng daily, morning and evening.


  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Keep away from heat and humidity
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