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Brand: AWE CEMRE Model: 96331082
A 100% natural product contains the ideal formula: Nettle and Black seed. The Regular use of this product helps to strengthen of immune system and cleanse the body from built-in toxins by Stimulating Liver to drive toxins. Promotes elimination through the intestines, kidneys, and skin. A pe..
Brand: Balen Model: 96331102
Artichoke is a plant. The leaf, stem, and root are used to make “extracts” which contain a high concentration of certain chemicals found in the plant. These extracts are used as medicine. Artichoke is used to stimulate the flow of bile from the liver, and this is thought to help reduc..
Brand: Mecitefendi Model: 96331187
Benefits of Balsam Fruit with Turkish Honey:   This product functions as an aphrodisiacs nourishing stimulant and can be used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and for the sexual dysfunction in men. The benefits of ginseng for diabetes are quite popular and are a hope for patients suff..
Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331289
Ingredients For 2 capsules: Vegetable capsules (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose), black fructus myrobalan fruit (230mg), Peganum seed(150mg), Senna leaf (140mg), elderflower (140mg), black cumin seed (140mg), shepherd's purse herb (104mg), Yarrow herb (100mg), bee pollen (70mg), horse chestnut s..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331279
Bitter Melon & Propolis Capsules may the following benefits:  Helps reduce blood sugar, have cancer-fighting properties, decreases cholesterol levels, aid for weight loss, immune system booster. Ingredients For 4 capsules: Bitter Melon fruit 884 mg, Lemon Balm Leaf 232 mg, Licorice roo..
Brand: Mecitefendi Model: 96331216
Botanical name: Nigella sativa Extraction method: Cold Press Benefits: Known as "the seed of blessing", research suggest this powerful antioxidant oil may offer nutritive support that may benefit a healthy immune system. Health practitioners around the world note black seed oil's..
Brand: Mecitefendi Model: 96331215
Ingredients: Extract of carob fruit (molasses) 94% Propolis Propolis 4% Ginger powder 1% Conserve away from sunlight cool and dry place with the led closed. Recommended Expiration Date and Lot Number are on the package. In case of pregnancy, lactation, illness consult your doctor...
Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331286
Control Diabetes: CETAVIN Capsule helps regulate blood sugar level with its alpha lipoic acid content. Specifically, useful to prevent nerve injury of diabetic patients and prevent cholesterol to form plaque in blood vessels.  With the biotin vitamin content may support the increase of gluco..
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Brand: Balen Model: 96331115
  This product contains Cinnamon and Lupine Extract    Benefits of Lupins  Great cholesterol-lowering properties lupin seeds are an extraordinary source of dietary fiber. Fiber not only favors digestion, but also prevents the absorption of..
Brand: Balen Model: 96331117
  This Product Has Coconut & Rosemary Extract Tablet   Rosemary   Rosemary has a woody, evergreen like scent and is part of the mint family. In recent research, it’s been shown to boost nerve growth factor and support the healing of n..
Brand: Balen Model: 96331104
Echinacea is a native North American coneflower that was discovered and used as a traditional herbal remedy for more than 400 years by the Great Plains Indian tribes. Technically classified as an herb, several species of the plant are used to make medicine from its flowers, leaves and roots. Echi..
Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331281
Eggshell, zinc, manganese, and copper are the compounds involved in the metabolic process of the eggshell. According to the results of four scientific studies and researches carried out the USA and Germany, it has been established that the proteins in the eggshell membrane reduce the joint pa..
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