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Privacy Policy requests some personal information (name, age, area of ​​interest, e-mail, etc.) from its customers in order to increase the satisfaction and service quality of its customers. It is also stored and transferred to logistics and cargo companies during delivery when necessary.

Apart from this, personal information is never transmitted to third parties. stores and uses customer information to inform about new sales campaigns and to improve product and service delivery. This information collected on servers is used only within for periodical campaign studies, organizing special promotional activities for customer profiles and customer classification studies for not sending unwanted e-mails.

Customer information may only be disclosed to the official authorities if this information is requested duly by the official authorities and in cases where it has to explain to the official authorities in accordance with the mandatory legislative provisions in force. Only the customer can access all the information entered by the customer into the system and only the customer can change this information. It is not possible for someone else to access and change this information.

In order to ensure optimum security during your payments, we use "3D Secure" systems to provide payment traffic. The information required for the realization of the payment (Example: Credit card number) is not stored by This information is transferred to the banks we have contracted without intermediaries. The transfer of information is carried out with SSL-Based 128-Bit encoding.

The information contained in this notification is informal as it is may be subject to modulate continuously by the relevant authorities of each country.


  • For customers in the Arabian Gulf region, it is recommended that the single order does not contain more than twenty items. The value of the order is recommended to not exceed 1000 Saudi riyals or the equivalent of local currencies in order to avoid any possible customs duties.
  • For the customers in Egypt, the value of the customs duties on the herbal products may reach 100% of the total value. Some products, such as honey, are refused entry. Please check before ordering through the official sources in your country.
  • For customers in other north of Africa, customs duties are updated on the goods listed in the parcels so please see your local laws before ordering from Turk Attar.
  • For customers in conflict zones and dangerous areas, free shipping offer is not applied for orders with 4 or more items. Please see local laws before ordering.
  • For customers in Canada, VAT is applied on some shipments (approximate value of 100 $). Please make sure before you submit the order.
  • For customers in the EU region, VAT may be applied to some postal parcels valued at more than 100 $ or equivalent currencies.

All of the above information comes in the context of the fact that Turk Attar is a retail E-store that sells herbal products directly to customers who purchase them for personal non-commercial use.

All of the above information comes in the purpose of fitting with the local laws and to remind our valued customers of the various possible duties on their shipments so that the customer will not be surprised by any unexpected fees.


  • Turk Attar delivers products to customers around the world in cooperation with several international companies, including DHL and Aramex.
  • When the customers confirm their orders- either by paying the freight fees directly or by taking advantage of the available free shipping offers- Turk Attar is responsible for paying the freight fees from Turkey to the addresses that the customers had installed.
  • Unlike the shipping fees, Turk Attar is not responsible for any extra: customs duties, VAT or any other taxes applied in some countries as "Egypt, some EU countries, Canada, some countries of Africa, Syria Etc". Therefore, we advise our customers to inquire about their local laws before confirming their orders. Any process of return or damage to the products by local authorities as a result of non-payment of customs duties by the customer is solely the responsibility of the customer.
  • Turk Attar apologize to not apply free shipping offers in war zones and some dangerous areas as: "Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Venezuela " - zones are updated continuously-.
  • Turk Attar is committed -through the agreement signed with shipping companies- to deliver the shipment to the address that the customer submitted, that includes visiting the submitted address twice.  
  • In some cases, some customers submit wrong or incomplete addresses or do not receive the shipment, which charges additional fees on the Turk Attar. 
  • If the customer did not receive the shipment because of: wrong or incomplete address, not being at home continuously, refusing to receive the shipment with no reason, and after the second visit to the customer address. The shipment will be transferred to the nearest branch of the shipping company until the customer receives him/her self, and in the absence of receiving the shipment will be destroyed or returned without any financial responsibility for Turk Attar.
  • After an order is confirmed, the shipment is prepared directly by the Turk Attar, then delivered to the shipping company on the same or next day during work hours -Turkey Time-, on all the days of the week except Saturday and Sunday.
  • Orders on Saturday are delivered to the shipping company on the same day or on Monday during the work hours -Turkey Time- according to the conditions of the shipping schedule.
  • Orders on Sunday are delivered to the shipping company on Monday during the work hours -Turkey Time.
  • Orders on National Holidays of Turkey are delivered the next day to the shipping company during the work hours -Turkey Time.
  • After a shipment is received by the shipping company, it arrives at the final destination within 5-7 work days in general situations.
  • Turk Attar is not responsible for any type of import duties imposed in some countries on post parcels such as India, Pakistan, Egypt, Gabon, etc. Turk Attar is not responsible for preventing some goods from entering some countries such as China, India, Egypt, Namibia and others.
  • In some cases shipments are delayed due to logistical reasons "weather conditions, wrong addresses, etc." or for official reasons "verification by the security or customs authorities, etc." or for any other emergency reasons. In all such exceptional cases, Turk Attar have no responsibility for the delay.

Cash On Delivery:

  • Cash On Delivery service is available in Saudi Arabia only for orders up to 100 US dollar.
  • On behalf of TurkAttar, Aramex shipment company delivers the shipment to the address given by the customer and receives the price of the shipment with delivery fee and/or any other expected fees from the customer.
  • The customer will be fully aware of the amount he/she will pay for his/her shipment including all fees since he/she confirmed the order and will not be required to pay any other fees.
  • The free shipping offers ( orders of four or more products) will not be applied on (cash on delivery) orders. Shipping and/or any expected customs and/or tax charges will be applied to the customer who will choose (cash on delivery) payment method.