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About Us

About TurkAttar

TurkAttar is a registered trademark owned by HACIISMAIL ORGANIZATION INSAAT GAYRIMENKUL HAYVANCILIK NAKLIYAT MEDIKAL ITHALAT IHRACAT SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI in Turkey. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the latest herbal Turkish products worldwide, as Turkey boasts one of the richest collections of plant species globally.
Our offerings are a unique blend of centuries-old Turkish aromatherapy expertise and cutting-edge industry technology. Rest assured; all our products are fully licensed and compliant with local regulations set forth by the relevant Turkish ministries.

Our Vision: Promoting Health and Happiness

At TurkAttar, our vision is to raise awareness among consumers about the risks posed by industrial substances that enter their bodies daily. By drawing attention to the thousands of natural alternatives available, we strive to help people avoid exposure to harmful chemicals and enjoy a healthier, happier life.

How TurkAttar E-Store Works

TurkAttar's E-store makes it easy for customers to shop online for Turkish products from the comfort of their homes. We offer secure payment methods, a door-to-door delivery system in collaboration with numerous international shipping companies, and free shipping offers to create an authentic Turkish shopping experience for our customers.

Turk Attar Company Headquarter


Cash on Delivery: Availability and Limitations

The Cash on Delivery service is unavailable in all countries due to limitations imposed by shipping companies and local customs laws. This service is available in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates.
At TurkAttar, we continually monitor updates to customs laws worldwide to expand our Cash on Delivery service to accommodate as many customers as possible.

Cash on Delivery service is available only in the included GCC countries for orders not over Saudi Riyal 500. SMSA and Aramex, our shipping partners, deliver the shipment to the customer's provided address and collects the shipment price, delivery fee, and any applicable fees on behalf of TurkAttar.
Customers are fully aware of the amount they will pay for their shipment, including all fees, when confirming their order. No additional costs will be required. Please note that free shipping offers (orders of four or more products) do not apply to Cash on Delivery orders. 

About Customs, Taxes, and Shipping Information

Please note: The information in this section may be subject to change, as the relevant authorities of each country can continuously update it.

Customs and Taxes Guidelines

  • Arabian Gulf Region Customers: For customers in the Arabian Gulf region, we recommend that a single order should contain at most 20 items and should be at most 1000 Saudi riyals (or its local currency equivalent) to avoid possible customs duties.
  • Egypt Customers: For customers in Egypt, customs duties on herbal products may reach up to 100% of the total value. Some products, such as honey, may be refused entry. Please consult official sources in your country before ordering.
  • North African Customers: For customers in other North African countries, customs duties are subject to change for the items listed in parcels. Please consult your local laws before ordering from Turk Attar.
  • Conflict Zones and Dangerous Areas Customers: Our free shipping offer does not apply to orders with four or more items for customers in conflict zones and dangerous areas. Please consult your local laws before ordering.
  • Canada Customers: For customers in Canada, VAT may be applied to some shipments with an approximate value of 100 USD. Please verify this information before placing your order.
  • EU Region Customers: For customers in the EU region, VAT may be applied to some postal parcels valued at more than 100 USD or its equivalent in other currencies.

Turk Attar is a retail e-store that sells herbal products directly to customers for personal, non-commercial use. The information above is provided to comply with local laws and inform our valued customers about potential duties on their shipments to avoid unexpected fees.

Processing, Shipping, and Delivery Information

Delivery Partners

Turk Attar delivers products to customers worldwide, cooperating with several international companies, including FedEx, DHL, SMSA, and Aramex.

Shipping Fees and Responsibilities

When customers confirm their orders—either by paying the freight fees directly or taking advantage of available free shipping offers—Turk Attar is responsible for paying the freight fees from Turkey to the specified delivery addresses. However, Turk Attar is not responsible for extra customs duties, VAT, or other taxes in certain countries. We advise customers to inquire about their local laws before confirming their orders. Any product returns or damages resulting from non-payment of customs duties by the customer are solely the customer's responsibility.

Exceptions to Free Shipping Offers

Turk Attar does not offer free shipping to war zones and some dangerous areas, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, and Venezuela. This list is subject to change.
Address Accuracy and Delivery Attempts
Turk Attar is committed to delivering shipments to the addresses provided by customers, including two delivery attempts. In cases where customers provide incorrect or incomplete addresses, are not home to receive the shipment, or refuse the shipment without reason, the shipment will be transferred to the nearest branch of the shipping company for customer pickup. If the shipment is not picked up, it will be destroyed or returned without any financial responsibility for Turk Attar.

Processing and Shipping Timeframes

After an order is confirmed, Turk Attar prepares the shipment and delivers it to the shipping company on the same or the next business day, excluding Saturdays and Sundays. Orders placed on Saturdays are delivered to the shipping company on the same day or the following Monday, depending on the shipping schedule. Orders placed on Sundays or Turkish national holidays are delivered to the shipping company on the next business day. Shipments generally arrive at their final destination within 5-7 business days.

Import Duties and Restrictions

Turk Attar is not responsible for any import duties imposed in certain countries on postal parcels, such as India, Pakistan, Egypt, Gabon, and others. Turk Attar is also not responsible for restricting certain goods entering some countries, such as China, India, Egypt, Namibia, etc.

Delays in Shipping

In some cases, shipments may be delayed due to logistical reasons (e.g., weather conditions, incorrect addresses) or official reasons (e.g., verification by security or customs authorities). Turk Attar is not responsible for any delays caused by these exceptional circumstances.