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Propolis Cologne, Beehive Scent Propolis Extract, 30 ML

Propolis Cologne, Beehive Scent Propolis Extract, 30 ML
  • Did you breathe a beehive scent? It is in your hands with the propolis cologne
  • A product developed in cooperation with Istanbul Technical University
  • Propolis Cologne does not contain perfume, but rather the propolis extract to give you a scent that you will experience for the first time!
  • Natural, refreshing, contains glycerine for a safe moisturizing effect on your skin
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  • Brand: BEEO BEE & YOU
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Propolis Cologne, Beehive Scent, Propolis Extract, 30 ML

Ingredients: Propolis extract, aqua, alcohol, glycerine

Apply the amount you need directly on the skin

Shelf life: 36 months.

Warning: Protect from heat and sunlight. Stay away from fire. For external use. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.

General Information

What is Propolis

Propolis is a beehive’s first line of defense against microbes. It’s a resinous plant material collected by the bees from the leaves, roots, and buds of plants to cover up their hive and keep it sterile.

Propolis has been used for centuries as a natural immune supporter due to its potent antibacterial and antiviral effects, including ancient Greece and Egypt. It contains 350+ active compounds and is very rich in antioxidants. Propolis effects on strengthening the immune system have been well researched and documented.

Bee&You Turkish Raw Honey, Propolis, and Royal Jelly are harvested from one of the most bio-diverse regions on the planet and is processed by expert beekeepers and scientists to retain its superior antioxidant profile. It is especially rich in phenolics, flavonoids, and CAPE, the main compounds responsible for its health and immune-boosting benefits.

Propolis Benefits

Propolis, which consists of the words pro (front) + polis (protecting), is the pre-cleaner of the hive, which is the habitat of bees. Bees cover their honeycomb eyes with pure propolis, then put honey, offspring, and food on them. Thus, the products produced by the bee are stored in the hive without deterioration. Pure Propolis is a natural bee product composed of phenolic and flavonoids that bees collect from the leaves, stems, and buds of plants. Pure Propolis is like the right hand of the bee in the hive… It serves many tasks from closing the cracks in the hive, preventing pests that cannot be thrown out of the colony, strengthening the combs, and cleaning them.

Propolis is a treasure trove of countless health benefits, to name but a few:
Strengthens the immune system; reduces respiratory diseases infection; controls sugar levels in diabetics; reduces the risk of liver damage; helps fight cancer; helps treat candidiasis; natural antiviral; natural antibiotic; treats colds and sore throats; improves Female fertility, especially in cases of endometriosis; fights parasites and kills bacteria; helps reduce blood pressure; helps treat allergies; supports athletic performance, especially athletes and bodybuilding; protects from mobile phone radiation; improves skin health; treats digestive disorders; natural treatment for herpes

What is Raw Honey

harvested straight from our hives, is unprocessed, and never heated to retain its enzymes and antioxidants. It's a great source of clean and easily digesting energy for a natural pick-me-up when needed.

No hidden ingredients. 100% Natural and free of chemicals, colors, GMO's, gluten, and soy.

What is Bee Bread

Bee bread is the substance that results when the bees mixing pollen with nectar and enzymes in order to soften pollen to make food for baby bees. Therefore, the pollen nutrient components in bee bread are easier to digest by humans than pollen's original state! The first food for the little bee is bee bread! Bee bread is the state of the pollen grains 'outer membrane that is digested by the bees' enzymes themselves, allowing all of its nutritional content and being more digestible by humans.

Bee Bread Benefits

Bee bread is a unique beekeeping product with specific biochemical features and therapeutic properties, including:

Improving liver functioning
Reducing triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood
Acts as a detoxifying agent and stimulates digestion
Reduces stress and fatigue, giving more energy
Relieves headaches and makes migraines happen less often
Anti-aging stimulates longevity
Decreases the risk of cancer, also helping during chemotherapy
Prevents and treats anemia
Natural energizing product, increasing endurance
Has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects

Bee bread contains 27 essential minerals, proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, coenzymes, carbohydrates, and basic vitamins that give it a high nutritional value and place it in the category of complete foods that help the long-term resistance of the body. It is easy to digest, also retaining its properties if stored properly due to lactic acid content.


What is Royal Jelly

an extremely rare bee product and is the sole food of the Queen Bee, giving her an incredible life span and energy. It contains unique proteins and fatty acids like 10-HDA and Royalactin that are not found in any other food, responsible for its energy and vitality-boosting properties.


SBS Scientific Bio Solutions Inc, BEE & YOU, BEEO, For Turkish Honey Products

SBS Scientific Bio Solutions Inc. aims to develop, with its expertise especially in bee products, healthy, safe, and natural products and matching technologies; provide research and development, sensory analysis, and training services for the food industry; and to support the apiculture industry to ensure that quality and safety of bee products from Turkey are recognized and sustained at the international level.

BEE & YOU, BEEO mission is to develop, with their expertise especially in bee products, healthy, safe, and natural products and matching technologies, and to support the apiculture industry to ensure that the quality and safety of bee products are recognized and sustained at the international level.

BEE & YOU, BEEO vision is, to become a company with high international recognition and reputation that is founded on the notions of innovation and continuous development and expertise and that produces knowledge, develops safe and healthy products and technologies, and supports the development and sustainability of the apiculture industry in the world.

Products Traceable from the “Hive to Dinner Table”

Quality of BEE & YOU products is assured with the “contract-based beekeeping model” which was started by the company for the first time in Turkey and is characterized by a business model whereby production agreements are signed directly with the beekeepers. In addition, the naturality and food safety profiles of BEE & YOU products have been verified using relevant analyses and all our products preserve their biological activity levels throughout the supply chain down to the end-user.

BEEO company produces BEE & YOU branded honey, royal jelly, and propolis products and their mixes with varying ratios depending on different consumer needs and consistency and flavor preferences.

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  Propolis extract, aqua, alcohol, glycerine



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