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Solgar Vitamins Turkey

Solgar Vitamins Turkey

THE SOLGAR Gold Standard

Since 1947 Solgar has had one purpose: To give customers the highest quality nutritional products sold by educated retailers to promote optimal health. Solgar's consideration of detail at every stage from manufacturing to distribution has enabled them to set, save and raise the 'Gold Standard' for quality and attention to detail in a steadily evolving and competitive industry.

Researched, Science-Based Products.
Solgar is renowned worldwide for its innovative, science-based product line, and our expert-led R & D department ensures that every product is thoroughly researched. Indeed, Solgar also supports and encourages research on existing and potential new products by donating funding and product to current research studies.
State-of-the-Art Manufacturing.
Solgar's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is completely up-to-date in both design and function, complying with dietary supplement Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and meeting pharmaceutical standards for machinery, procedures, quality control, and environmentalism. This actually exceeds the supplement industry's standards but ensures that Solgar quality is not compromised at any time during the manufacturing process. Indeed with our own quality control laboratory and distribution facilities, we can guarantee accountability throughout the entire process.
Quality Control.
Solgar strives for excellence and has the highest standards for quality. We employ a rigorous system of quality control measures within our on-site laboratory (a rarity within the industry) to test products at every stage of manufacturing, from raw material to finished product. All raw material entering our manufacturing facility is subject to stringent tests to ensure they are of the highest quality and purity. Any raw materials not meeting our exacting standards are immediately rejected and returned to suppliers. No product leaves our facility without meeting our 'Gold Standard' for excellence.
USP Water Purification System.
Solgar's facility benefits from a state-of-the-art USP reverse osmosis water purification system. This $1 million filtration technology is not required by Good Manufacturing Practice but is required by Solgar as part of our overall commitment to manufacturing excellence.
HEPA Air Filtration System. As part of Solgar's commitment to purity, this air filtration system is utilized in our manufacturing facility to filter all the air that circulates, removing 99.9% of all airborne particles. Samples of both air and water are also routinely tested in our quality control laboratory.
Workers at Solgar's manufacturing facility routinely disassemble and clean every piece of machinery after each formula change. The equipment is broken down into hundreds of parts and may take up to eight hours to clean and reassemble. In fact, many of our machines spend longer being cleaned than they do making products. We also use food-grade, environmentally friendly cleaners to sanitize equipment between batches.
Kosher Certified.
Solgar selected KOF-K Kosher Supervision to certify our products. This international organization follows the strictest laws of kosher observance.
Halal Certified.
Solgar chose the Halal Food Authority (HFA), a U.K.-based organization that adheres to the strictest laws of Halal, to certify our products.
Aqueous Coated Tablets.
Solgar was one of the first in the Natural Products Industry to stop using shellac, a solvent-based tablet coating agent, and to introduce a natural, water-based coating instead for all of our coated-tablet products. This natural, water-based coating improves disintegration and dissolution, providing better absorption of the nutrients.
Recyclable Amber Glass Bottles.
Solgar is known for their 100% recyclable, non-leaching, non-porous, and odorless glass bottles. Although these "old style" medicine bottles are more expensive, Solgar uses them because they protect against heat, light, and moisture, thereby preserving nutrient potency as part of their commitment to quality.
Product Information.
To help retailers, doctors, pharmacists, journalists, and consumers understand how supplements work, Solgar provides a team of nutritional experts to answer technical questions by phone, mail, or e-mail.
Exclusive Distribution.
Solgar is committed to distributing our products through independent health food retailers where consumers can find the best products along with the best nutritional advice and service. This is another way of ensuring the integrity of our products.
Globally Recognized.
Solgar is distributed worldwide in over 50 different countries, with affiliate offices in the U.K., Spain, South Africa, and New Zealand.

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