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Epimedium Mega Offers, Pay for 48 Get 60, Smart Erection Aphrodisiac Chocolate FOR MEN 48+ 12 FREE pieces

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Epimedium Mega Offers, Pay for 48 Get 60, Smart Erection Aphrodisiac Chocolate FOR MEN 48+ 12 FREE pieces
  • This offer contains 48 pieces +12  FREE pieces of Smart Erection Chocolate FOR MEN, Aphrodisiac Turkish Epimedium Chocolate, 72 Hours Turkish Viagra Chocolate
  • Each 12 chocolate pieces are packed in one box
  • This offer is FREE SHIPPING inside and outside Turkey
  • Cash On Delivery service is available for this offer in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, UAE
  • ED treatment, Ejaculation Delay, long and enjoyable sexual intercourse!
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  • Brand: Anatolian Terkib
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Epimedium Mega Offers, Pay for 48 Get 60, Smart Erection Aphrodisiac Chocolate FOR MEN 48+ 12 FREE pieces

This offer contains 48 pieces +12  FREE pieces of Smart Erection Chocolate FOR MEN, Aphrodisiac Turkish Epimedium Chocolate, 72 Hours Turkish Viagra Chocolate
Each 12 chocolate pieces are packed in one box

Smart Erection Chocolate FOR MEN is a revolutionary new formula of Aphrodisiac Chocolates presented by TurkAttar for the first time globally, combining performance efficacy with zero side effects to treat the ED problem in men
Smart-E Turkish Epimedium Chocolate active ingredients are contained within the Turkish delight core then coated with a layer of Chocolate and Turkish mint for a delicious taste with effective benefits
Smart Erection Chocolate is a natural remedy for ED. It improves libido without other epimedium products' common side effects, such as headaches, hypotension, and general fatigue.
SE Chocolate prolongs intercourse time, improves the physical and psychological state of men, provides a harder erection, and deals intelligently with the problem of premature ejaculation.
Produced in cooperation between Turkish Attar, Bharat Al Barakah Company, and Turkish Attar Union Association, BAKDER
Check Turkattar mark on the package to make sure you get the original product

What is Turkish Epimedium Chocolate for me?

It is an aphrodisiac for men, produced after years of experience and monitoring of products intended to improve men libido. Smart-E Chocolate not only works in the way of traditional products work by increasing blood flow to the penis tissues but also contains ingredients that improve the mood, increase the desire for sex and facilitate male orgasm. Smart-E chocolate is a new form of Turkish Epimedium Honey, Smart Erection Epimedium chocolate from the brainy pleasure series products. 

Smart-E Chocolate benefits

Overall, you can say goodbye to the following searches on Google: herbs to increase male libido, how to increase male libido, how to increase female libido instantly, best supplement for stamina in bed philippines, best female libido supplements, best female libido enhancer, libido booster for men, supplements to help last longer in bed, erectile dysfunction treatment options, new ed treatments 2020, which erectile dysfunction drug is best?, what is the latest treatment for erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction causes, simple trick to cure ed, erectile dysfunction medicine, ed treatments that work

Among others!!

How is that? After many years of Epimedium products spread, the main problem facing consumers still these products side effects, which most common are: headache, severe weakness associated with hypotension, nausea, and other side effects that vary according to the human body's reaction to the epimedium products. This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that side effects increase with the increase in the product's strength and impact on erection's hardness.
Considering these problems, and after testing thousands of responses and feedback received from epimedium product consumers, Smart Erection Epimedium Chocolate has been produced in cooperation between TurkAttar, Bharat Al Baraka Trade Company, and the Turkish United Herbalists' Association "BAKDER".
This product's new is to obtain the maximum Epimedium's effectiveness in treating erectile dysfunction without causing its typical side effects. Moreover, Smart Erection Epimedium Chocolate works by Improving:  1- Blood flow through the penis 2- Men’s psychological state 3- The body's immunity and 4- Eliminating free radicals and inflammatory factors. Consequently, leading to ideal sexual intercourse that satisfies the desire of both partners.


Take one piece of chocolate 30-90 minutes before sexual intercourse
Do not consume more than one piece during a 24 hours

How does Epimedium Aphrodisiac Chocolate, Smart Erection Epimedium Chocolate, work?

Initially, the active ingredients including epimedium extract are coated within a core of Turkish delight to ensure protection and prolong long lasting active ingredients. Then, this core is coated with a layer of delicious Turkish chocolate and Turkish mint.
The main active ingredient in this product is the extract of the epimedium herb. The extract has been added at a 4% rate, unlike all other epimedium products containing only 0.79% of the herb, not the extract. Epimedium, which is known as the Horn Goat Weed, has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for thousands of years to enhance sexual power and desire.
Adding epimedium extract by this ratio treats erectile dysfunction and improves libido four times over other epimedium products. But not only that, Smart Erection contains "epimedium extract" and not powdered leaves or roots, so what is the difference? The difference is that the extract contains a concentrated group of active ingredients and excludes the excess substances that are believed to be responsible for the common side effects of the epimedium products available in the market.
At the forefront of these active substances contained in the epimedium extract comes the substance "icariin". Recent scientific research has shown that icariin increases blood flow towards sexual organs and hardens erection by binding the enzyme "SHGB". Therefore, it proves its strong effect on treating ED and impotence in men. The concentration of "icariin" in the "Rocket Chocolate" is up to twenty times higher than that in products contain milled parts of the epimedium herb.

How does the Smart Erection Epimedium Chocolate boost libido and treat premature ejaculation problems?

To simplify the complex mechanism in which the SE Epimedium chocolate works to eliminate ED, increase lust, and extend sexual intercourse, including abolishing premature ejaculation problems. A simple explanation of the cause of premature ejaculation that millions of men suffer from around the world is necessary.
Premature ejaculation problems are related to many factors, but the most important of which are psychological ones. Men who have impotence suffer from premature ejaculation four times as much as men who have a normal erection. Also, anxiety, psychological tension, fear of not proving oneself and satisfying the partner, fatigue, and exhaustion are all factors that lead to premature ejaculation by increasing pressure on the nervous system due to intense thinking and fear of the failure of the sexual relation. To address this, Smart Erection Epimedium chocolate contains a group of natural ingredients that ensure a healthy erection, eliminate free radicals and inflammatory factors in the tissues, improve mood and eliminate digestive problems that constitute real fatigue for the body, enhance self-confidence by obtaining an erection at request. Men need not "blind erections" at inappropriate times as delivered by Viagra or the epimedium products available on the market. Nevertheless, men need to have an erection when they intend to start sexual intercourse.


Turkish Chocolate (Bitter & Milk Chocolate), Turkish Delight, Turkish Mint, Epimedium Extract, Carob Flour, Ferula Root, Red Ginseng, Ginger, Turkish Milkvetch, Tribulus Terrestris, Pollen

Does Smart Erection Epimedium Chocolate numb the penis the same way delay ejaculation sprays do?

Absolutely not, on the contrary, the SE chocolate will increase your sense of the sexual relationship in all its details. The product does not address the problem of premature ejaculation topically as does a common delay spray. However, it will prolong sexual intercourse by increasing the ability to enjoy this process and returning the organs to their original state where a man can have a rocket erection. With this product, man will own the ability to control the sexual relationship's course and enjoy with the partner for the period he wants.

What are the direct effects of using the Smart Erection Epimedium Chocolate?

General effects:

During the first hour of consuming Smart Erection Epimedium Chocolate, you may feel a state of warmth spreading across your body. Besides, the body will, after repeated use, get rid of any feeling of weakness, fatigue, and anxiety. SEE chocolate also helps eliminate colds and digestive disorders.

The impacts on erection:

After about 30-60 minutes, the SEE chocolate begins to take effect. You will get a perfect, strong erection as soon as you think about sex or enter any sexual relation. The critical point about this product's impact on erection is that it will be a smart erection that does not disturb the man, not a sudden erection at the wrong times. On the contrary, this ideal erection will be under the man's complete control when he desires to have sex.

How will the sex be with the Smart Erection Epimedium Chocolate? *

For 94% of the consumers of the product's experimental samples, they were able to have intercourse for periods ranging between 40-60 minutes "excluding other sexual foreplay operations that were between periods of intercourse". This period, the (40-60 minutes), was different in terms of being continuous/ intermittent intercourse during sex according to the users' age, physical fitness, and the partner's ability to endure (the upper limit for continuous intercourse without ejaculation was 12 minutes).
23% of consumers reported having another sexual process (reaching ejaculating twice in the same night) 2-3 hours after the first, which took about an hour and a half. 74% reported that they only had one sexual relation that took about two hours. 3% of consumers reported achieving a full erection and ejaculating three times during one night.
The effect of the SEE chocolate lasts up to 72 hours after consuming it. The erection occurs just by thinking about sex or start to have sex. The number of times a man can have intercourse and reach orgasm during this period depends on each person's physical characteristics. Still, the minimum effect was achieving a full erection, long sexual intercourse, and complete satisfaction from both partners.
100% of users reported that there were no side effects or headaches when using the product. 85% of users reported that they got rid of the following additional cases after continuous use of the product: general weakness, recurrent cold, indigestion.


How to use epimedium Chocolate?

Take one piece of chocolate 30-90 minutes before sexual intercourse
Do not consume more than one piece during a 24 hours

The full description of ingredients:

Ferula root: 
The main effect of this ingredient in the SEE chocolate formula is to increase a man’s lust and his desire to repeat intimate relationships. Ferula root has been known since ancient times for its use for erectile dysfunction treatment. In the SEE formulation, the ability of Ferula to improve sexual function is doubled due to its synergy with other ingredients.
Red Ginseng (Panax Ginseng): 
It is one of the oldest medicinal plants known for its miraculous effects in the Far East. Within the SEE formula, red ginseng works to maintain "sexual fitness," especially for the elderly, delay the onset of sexual aging, and boost libido. 
Through its presence in this formula, red ginseng stimulates the nervous system and prevents fatigue and exhaustion. Besides, it completely prevents headaches that often occur with another epimedium. Moreover, Red Ginseng lowers blood sugar, making it a long-term effect in eliminating insulin resistance, which is the unnoticed cause of many obesity, depression, and sexual dysfunction problems.
This miracle herb has been known since ancient times for its sex-tonic effects. The additional role that ginger plays in the SE epimedium chocolate is to eliminate inflammatory factors, especially those in the digestive system. Many men may not realize the reflection of digestive system problems such as ABS, indigestion, gas on their sexual health. In this regard, ginger, in the long term, restores the initial settings of your digestive system and prevents its disturbances from affecting erection wellness. In addition, ginger is a blood thinner and vasodilator; vessels narrowing impedes blood flow to the penis cavernous tissues, causing impotence. In short, ginger can reactivate all tissues and cells of the body.
 Carob is added to be an assistant factor for ginger in eliminating all digestive disorders that affect sexual potency. The diet pattern followed around the world today makes the digestive system a source for all the pests that we suffer from without knowing it. The carob in this formula soothes and softens any irritating effects of the other ingredients.
Fenugreek has well-known ancient effects to boost the digestive, urinary, and respiratory systems, the problems of which all affect sexual health. But the additional role of fenugreek in this product through its active component diosgenin, which has effects similar to the impact of the male hormone in the body, increases man's sensuality during intercourse.
One of the ingredients that achieve the dual purpose on which the components of this product were chosen. To accomplish the internal organs' safety, especially the digestive system, and raising the erection efficiency and increasing sexual desire. In SE Epimedium chocolate, flaxseeds, by its fatty acids such as omega-3 and its antioxidant properties, work to achieve a satisfactory erection at the time of need and increase sexual arousal.
Cinnamon bark: 
Improves the body's immunity, useful in various digestive and respiratory infections. Besides, it provides this product in synergy with ginger, particularly, a miraculous effect in increasing seminal secretions and reaching orgasm several times without affecting erection quality and ejaculation timing.
Agave Root: 
This component's role in the SE Epimedium formula is to raise the body's immunity and eliminate physical weakness that affects the efficiency of men's sexual performance. Agave Root serum is given to athletes to increase their physical efficiency. Besides, it is given to cancer patients to reduce chemotherapy's effect on the body's immunity. However, it is not clinically proven to have the same effect on cancer patients when taken orally.
A healthy warrior from the ginger family, with a high healing ability for small microscopic edema and hemorrhages during sexual intercourse. Improves erection hardness and synergizes with ginger and cinnamon to achieve the highest levels of sexual efficiency in men.
Tribulus Terrestris Root: 
Tribulus Terrestris chocolate is used in all erectile dysfunction and sex stimulating products. In SE Epimedium chocolate, this ingredient plays the role of "pleasure-maker" during the intimate relationship. Tribulus Terrestris is a natural pharmacy that has unlimited health effects for the human body. As for men specifically, it increases the proportion of the male hormone. It rises the desire to extend the intimate relationship and repeat it a greater number of times. Moreover, it increases seminal secretions and male fertility.
The Indian Costus:
 This ingredient is one of the SE Epimedium chocolate's most important secrets, as it is efficiently added for the first time with honey, epimedium extract, Tribulus Terrestris Root, and Ferula root. The Indian Costus has proved effects in raising the body's immunity and resistance to various diseases. In this product, Costus contributes to the elimination of physical weakness and psychological anxiety in men, allowing the male energy to express itself with the highest levels of efficiency in terms of erectile potency and the men's natural ability to have long sexual intercourse stemming from real desire and not the artificial drive by strengthening the erection alone.
The Indian Costus is one of the most creative additions to this product; it paves the way for other ingredients to perform their functions away from fatigue and psychological worries.
Spanish Chamomile: 
This herb is chosen for its dual effects on digestive and mental health. The last point, particularly, Spanish chamomile, calms anxiety, improves the psychological state, and raises self-confidence. Anxiety and depression are two of the most critical factors that affect erectile and reduce sexual desire. The lack of interest in addressing men's psychological condition is one of the most frequent reasons for the limited effect of sexual products. All available products have just temporary effect so can not raise men's sexual competence.
This herb is added to SE Epimedium chocolate in measured concentrations to achieve improved mood and boost sexual desire in a significant way, using the mechanism of neurotransmitters stimulation.
Nutmeg is a natural weapon to combat mood disorders. It stimulates certain neurotransmitters that stimulate happiness hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, which improve mood and thus fight depression. Stimulating these neurotransmitters leads to increasing a man’s sexual desire. In other words, these neurotransmitters, combined with other product ingredients, increase a man’s desire for sex. 
The previous effect means getting a rigid erection and the overwhelming passion for sex, which removes other obstacles such as boredom from the partner and monotony in sexual practice. Moreover, nutmeg magically delays ejaculation time, so eliminates the problem of premature ejaculation.
Pure Epimedium Extract (horny goat weed extract): 
Before addressing the epimedium herb's wonderful effects on sexual potency, it must be noted that the SE Epimedium chocolate contains epimedium's extract, not milled portions of the epimedium root as is available in other products in the market. This means that the product contains the active ingredients' extract, not the parts of the herb that contain many other ingredients, which may cause unwanted side effects such as headache and fatigue. Moreover, the product contains 4% Epimedium extract, unlike other products that use only 0.79% of plant parts. Therefore, the epimedium concentration's strength in the SE is many-fold as large as that of the other products without any side effects.
The pure epimedium extract treats all impotence symptoms. It improves the erection indisputably, increases the man's ability to prolong intercourse time, and delays the time of ejaculation no matter how long the period of friction between the penis and the woman vagina. 
Epimedium extract also has fantastic effects on ED that is caused by fear and anxiety during the sexual process. 
Epimedium extract ends dissatisfaction caused by short duration / too little intercourse. Also, healthy people who do not have a problem with their sex life but want to make their sex life stronger and higher can use it without any side effects.
The pollen in the product acts as a healthy energy source for the sexual process, no matter how long it takes. The pollen will provide you with the energy needed for sexual intercourse and keep you from tiredness throughout the day. It is also a real treasure chest full of proteins, minerals, and substances essential for all body tissues. Pollen supports prostate health in men, especially in the elderly, and relieves them from the frequent urination caused by a weak prostate. Pollen increases seminal secretions and raises the levels of male hormones in men.
Royal jelly (bee milk):
Royal jelly has many benefits that everyone knows. In this product, the royal jelly will help you nourish your neurons and stimulate neurotransmitters so that your brain can function correctly. It will increase your focus by increasing oxygen in the brain, improving your mood. It is beneficial for people who feel depressed, tired, or weak. Therefore, it is an excellent remedy for improving mental health. Moreover, the royal jelly will interact with all the other ingredients of the product in your body to give you incredible levels of sexual desire.


*These results are not clinically proven but rather are approximate results observed by users.

FOR HER and Smart-E Chocolate Benefits 

Brainy Pleasure Series products increase lust, sexual desire, and sex drive after usage. It makes both of you horny. Brainy Pleasure Series increases confidence in bed. It makes women happy and satisfied in bed, and men feel like the king of the jungle.

Brainy Pleasure Series Natural Aphrodisiac products increase sexual excitement and provide stronger orgasms. Your energy will continue after the orgasm.

In brief, you will have an amazing romantic experience all night long and bring back the fire in your intimate relationship.

Smart-E Chocolate Benefits For Men

Forget ED; Smart-E chocolate helps men to have a very strong and hard male erection. Moreover, it terminates the tricky premature ejaculation and delays ejaculation more than any delay spray. Men's orgasm will be better and stronger with Q7 chocolate. Therefore, the result will be long intercourse and more sexual intercourse.

For Her Chocolate Benefits For Women

Forget women orgasm inability. For Her chocolate for women will reduce fear and anxiety and terminate frigidity. It boosts pleasure and comfort during sex by narrowing the vagina.

How to Use Aphrodisiac Chocolate 

Take one piece of chocolate 30-90 minutes before sexual intercourse
Do not consume more than one piece during a 48 hours

For Her Chocolate Ingredients:
Turkish Chocolate (Bitter & Milk Chocolate), Turkish Delight, Dried Rose Petals, Yohimbine, Epimedium Extract, Vitex Seed, Linden Flower, Fennel Seed, Clove Powder, Pollen, Ginseng Root, Licorice Root, Arugula Seeds, Grape Seed, Tamarind Shell, Nutmeg

For Her Aphrodisiac Chocolate Side Effects:

This product is for adults only. Keep this product out of the reach of children
This product should not be used in cases of pregnancy, lactation, or the presence of any chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, blood pressure disorders, and diabetes.
This product is very strong, this product should not be used if you do not plan to make sex. The partner must be physically and psychologically prepared to satisfy the woman who will feel an urgent need for sex.
If there is no sexual intercourse, or no good sex, after consuming this product, the woman may feel headache, boredom, and dissatisfaction
Do not eat more than one piece during a 48 hours

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FOR HER Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac with best benefits, made in Turkey, treats women frigidity, available online with best prices in kuwait, ghana, quatar, accra and worldwide



Turkish Chocolate (Bitter & Milk Chocolate), Turkish Delight, Turkish Mint, Epimedium Extract, Carob Flour, Ferula Root, Red Ginseng, Ginger, Turkish Milkvetch, Tribulus Terrestris, Pollen


Take one piece of chocolate 30-90 minutes before sexual intercourse
Do not consume more than one piece during a 24 hours



This product is for adults only. Keep this product out of the reach of children
This product should not be used in cases of pregnancy, lactation, or the presence of any chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, blood pressure disorders, and diabetes.

Do not consume more than one piece during a 24 hours



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