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Turkish Honey

Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331276
For obvious reasons, the epimedium was named the “Horny Goat Weed”, as it stimulates the erectile function of men and increases blood flow to vaginal tissues of women. With its formula that contains a wide range of herbal tonics, Super Epimedium & Ginseng Macun is an ideal supplemen..
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Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331274
Super Ginger Macun is a perfect product for daily use, supports all body functions, supports cardiovascular muscle, improves memory and nervous system, improves erectile & libido, helps in digestive disorders caused by bad food habits. It is recommended to use Super Ginger Macun continuously, e..
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Brand: HACIİSMAİL Model: 96331192
Capparis Spinosa honey, comes to you from the wild pastures from areas not affected by the pollution and were not set foot in the south of Anatolia. Turkish Capparis Spinosa honey is 100% natural organic product, No additives, no chemicals. Capparis Spinosa honey has been used since ancient ti..
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Brand: Balen Model: 96331195
Turkish Chestnut Honey is rich in minerals and iron, vitamins B and C, it helps with hoarseness, cough, bronchitis, sore throat, with purulent otitis media and sinusitis, prostatitis, colds. Of all the varieties of honey, Turkish Chestnut Honey has the most pronounced antimicrobial, antibacterial..
Brand: Mecitefendi Model: 96331078
  1. Treatment of type 2 diabetes Ginseng Honey functions as an aphrodisiacs nourishing stimulant and can be used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and for the sexual dysfunction in men. The benefits of ginseng for diabetes are quite popular and are a hope for patients suffering from t..
Brand: Shiffa Home Model: 96331277
Turkish Kids Macun, Super Paste of Turkish Honey with spices and herbs is specially prepared for children between 4-12. Children’s paste is formulated with prominence of traditional herbal formula and made more effective by addition of propolis and royal jelly. Ingredients:  Raw Turkish..
Brand: TAJY Model: 96331226
Improve Sexual Performance  Treatment of type 2 diabetes Antioxidant properties Cardiovascular health For hair growth For weight loss Skin Health Brain health Relieving stress, Energy booster Natural product. Conforms the Turkish food codex...
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